I hate this even more!

I made a thread a few days ago about how i hate getting pms from noobs all the time on realm asking for free money or stuff. Well, they must have seen that topic, because they stopped. But now I am starting to get stupid pms from noobs on RuneScape saying that they saw me on realm, and then they start begging! AHHHHHH! It is so annoying! If you are one of those begging noobs, PLEASE STOP!!!

Welcome to the daily annoyances of being a mod on here… I get messages all the time about the stupidest things, on rs and in pm’s.

but im not a mod…lol

Either turn on Friends only or just put them on your ignore list as soon as you read a pm that contains some begging in it…

I think it’s funny when people beg for stuff. I just laugh at them and lead them on for a while. Have fun with it! :smiley:

I think Calenel meant he’s getting pms on RSR from beggish noobs.

Oh nvm I didn’t read carefully.

Welcome to my life. I have to usually keep my private chat on friends only because I get so many pms. Yes all you people, that is why it appears that I am never online.

So then why did you add me?

I am soo glad that I’m not rich or anything… But I know people don’t ask me stuff like that cause I never wear my armor and I always make people think that I’m poor as dirt… (In RS…) Just act like you’re dirt poor and people will stop asking you for stuff… I can’t really advise you on the people who have been asking for stuff before I told you this… Sure, you might be called a “poor noob” on some occasions but that’s a lot better than being constantly pestered by people who want stuff for free…

i just make it seem like i am poor so they dont beg

Huh… Pshawww you think thats bad? try being a clan leader as well, the instant i log on my whole private chat section is flooded with 'hi’s and hellos

not that its a bad thing, jkust semi annoying

o no wonder i cant get u when u r 1st on