i hate this thing!

i hate this thing this thing always happen when i am about to die i was fighting lesser and i had 10hp and when i was gona eat it logged me out cuz my connection! i lost full rune gold (part cuz i dont have skull) and 3mil! cuz i was training there and brought all money to show ppl dang!!!1

omg that sucks soooo much

i almost lost 1800k today to a tree spirit cuz i brought my money to cut yews after merchanting and i was surfing rsr

dang sucks to hear, well maybe thatll teach u not to bring 3mil while training though…

it really taught me a lesson now i got ot merchant all over again

Lmao, that’s what you get for showing off! :slight_smile:

lol they wanted to see it or they won’t believe me

Then I would’ve let them not believe, I would/will never bring anything but full rune and food in wild.
Unless i’m ranging or maging.

also are u sure someone isnt hacking u?..lol.

i wasnt in wildy i was fighting lessers

nah i dont think some one hacked me all my valuables r there except what i brought to the lessers

dam that sucks…next time only bring armor and food