I Have 6milliongp

How Much Do U Have???

Lol, in cash? 16k…

3.1mil cash rite now, most of it’s tied up in items and materials

Well, 50k but currently im taking a break from rs!

6 mil? good start :wink:

i got ranger boots worth 750k, but no one wants to buy!!!

Actually they dropped to 400k…

456k in cash and over 2 mile in items

i have exactly 0 gp, put i probably have close to 1 mill in items, i waste money ( i am power mining coal and mith world 28, south of lumby

around 90+ mil worth of stuff if u add all my items up

Items, the whole bank? Probly 7.5M at most, but in cash im poor.

Sorry, but like what is the definition of “power mining?” And Blink… Why’d you have to go and say that? Now I feel bad, knowing my items and money are only worth around 2mil :frown: lol


i dont got any money or items i got them scammed :slight_smile: iam happy

man…this is really embarrasing to admit…but i probably have like 4 mil worth of items in my bank…i spend all my cash on skills…

are u serious? …well power minig is when u mine and drop i think…and its usually done with iron…not coal…lol

i have so little…its not even funny…

Powermining is where you mine something and when your inventory is full you drop the ore or you trade it with someone, my pik just broke and i didnt have any cash to repair it, managed to get some

I know it’s lame, but I only have 3 million cash… I spent 4 million on my pure lol.

i only got like uhmm… 120k…

Alrite thanks fo clearing up what powermining is… Lol that was a noobish question of me :stuck_out_tongue:


this is reeeeeeely embarising only 91k