i have a question

once you become leval 31 in prayer what can you do inside the monk place>???

yupts awsome


If you pray at the atlar you get an extra 2 prayer points. You can have the guy upstairs bless your unblessed symbols and get monk’s robes.

nothing buy charge ur prayer gives u 2 extra and bless unblessed simbles

its also a good place to recharge your prayer if you have been in the wild

o ya forgot about that

what idied4441 said

and yu need to be member (i think) to go up there

no i was able to get in there while i was a free member

Yeah… The prayer’s “Guild” isn’t members only… It was available ever since before members and Jagex never made anything members in the already existing world when they made the members feature… The only thing that has switched are things that were originally made members but then switched over to free… Like the make-over mage and the crafting guild… I don’t know if there were other things but I know those two things were originally members only but then switched over…