I have TOO much Stuff!

thats my bank account from one of my characters, i have too much gear so ill sell a large majority of the stuff here as well, ask and ill tell you if its for sale and we can work out a deal

rate it as well if you want =) x/10

Any brass key? How much do they cost anyway…? About 200gp…?

I didnt see it in there…but do u have a rune war hammer?.. :jester:

P.S.opps i almost forgot…7.6/10

um ok lots of junk lol

lots of junk but looks quite good if it were organised 8/10 for now 6/10


Omg…the lobbies alone are worth 250k lol.

20k willow at 25 each = 500k
2k yew @ 250 ea = 500k

i got some valuable stuff (OO)

yea i got tons of stuff u could sell…or drop lol. u could clean that bank out better a little.

omg u have a rich bank

yeh can i buy ur rune hally i’ve always wnated one of those.

I like the chaos and logs…

what should i keep? i grab a little of everything cause i dont really know whats important in the game - i dont play it enough anymore to keep track

id say keep everything cept the things u dont need…like snelms, or the steel swords and such.

just try to sell the stuff that u really don’t need for a good profit.

Lol…I’ll buy off the 3-dose str pots off of ye…
If they are str pots, of course. :smiley:

ow much 4 the pots 1gp each ohhh… yeah and the burnt lobbies 1gp each k???

Nice bank 7.5/10considering you have some unwanted stuff in there but i cant because my memberhip was cancelled for a short while lol

hey those pots are very usefull xD i mass produce Ugthanki kebobs, they heal 19 ho each, 1 less than sharks and they make you say things like " mmmm yummy " you cant beat that :stuck_out_tongue: i dont even know how the burt lobbies and ash got in there =\

and yes ill sell the str pots, i never use them

yes you do have way to much stuff