I hope Im staying for good.(Maple Wiz Thread)


I quit runescape a while back, and Ive been busy on a more user-friendly game called Maplestory. (I HOPE MY SIGGY AINT TOO BIG) but Ill be on maybe 3 times a week answering peoples questions about maplestory. I’m not some hero or anything, but I’m hoping to become the most likeable Spearman in the World of Broa. Any, Questions, Tips, or Suggestions, ask me.

Pink hair is the new pimp

I likeee spinning weapons

LAG X 500

I like warriors.

NEWS JUST IN: flying monkeys attack a poor home

Maple story? This game looks gay and kiddie like. Black and White 2 is so much better.


its an adult game compared to runescape.

A more adult game would be a MMORPG like WoW, Guild wars, Everquest… And RTS like lort: bfme

well those games cost money and uhh, well my parents wont let me buy any internet games and crap. sides, if you disregard all the fruity monsters, itll be better than you think.

at first i was too used to games like runescape and super smash bros melee and stuff so i wasnt prepared for maple.
now wheneer i go hunting with a bunch of friends( like what happens in those vids on my sig.) you might think its just a bunch of kiddy stuff, but usually after events with hunting with my buddies, my hands are all sweaty and shaking and i have to take a rest or i might have a seizure or whatever

Maybe you need to go out side. And maybe I would play if you could talk online with a mic. Way better game play, unless your friends have teamspeak… Guild wars is way more of what you explained.


if your talking about guilds, and talking to alot of people at once, yeah you can do that.

but i dont get why you getting on me about things. are you like trying to keep me out of RSR or something?

I never played it but dam it took up to much space so I had to stop download.

uh. it takes up alot of space? well i downloaded it by CD :smiley:

That means you need help. I’m not even joking.

If i needed help I would be too scared to go on RSR.

My friend plays it and recommended it to me! it took like 2 hours to download it is frinkin boring!!! All you do is run around being all 2D and all and get hurt bumping into people!!! LOL

I dont know why people play that game…I played it for like 2 days and quit…I cant believe i still have it on my desktop! Ill un-install it right now! oh and yuan please switch to WoW we dont want anymore of your gay threads!

No Offense to any Maple Story players or MapleStory itself…

hm… im not naming any names but ALOT of poeple have Pmed me about stuff in maplestory. Im suprised they never post on the htreads. Its like as if theyll get in trouble if they post out loud.

I know. level 1-10 sucks balls. I know how u felt. killing fruity snails and green slimes. It got worse level 10-15 killing pigs, but then it getts a little better.

at around level 30 the monsters wont be fruity. You get awesome skills. And the only way ill play WoW is if its free. even 5 bucks a month is a ripoff.

and maplestory isnt gay.

I’m telling you not out of mockery, but out of kindness. You really need to get some help if you’re about to have a seizure from playing too much.

my friend plays that game…
personally i think its too kiddy like for me, so it dosent really interest me

  • the only monsters i ever saw him fight were a snail…a pig, and a stomp…so i was like…pfft thumbs down

told you its fruity.

Then why you play it?

that avvy is sick :smiley:

Oh, uh, I got out of the fruity parts in maplestory

(Hint: The game is still fruity)