I invented S.P.A.S!


phew, glad i got THAT out of my system!

Okay then… now ive seen everything

i could have sworn i posted here…anyhow…what is the point of posting it?

i dunno… I couldnt think of anything else 2 do.

well if ya can’t think of something to do. u just don’t do anything.

You invented\created S.P.A.S, And I think this is SPAM.lolz

So you think it is spam? I don’t. I think he is quite clever, twisting a word like that. However stupid the picture may be.

I guess it’s kinda funny… Good job?

10/10 for stupidity
5/10 for originality
0/10 for creativity…

Funny… but stupid… lol i rated it… :wink:

YAY!!! that it awesome- if ur a sped. -infinity/10

5/10 its weird but cool
sickmate 8)

ur pic looks very weird…5/10