I killed an auoter - here is how...

One of the funniest things happened in all of my Runescape years. I killed an autoer, and here is how it was done!

I was training at the guards in edgeville on my 56 pure. His stats are 56 attack, 30 defense, and 81 strength. Training along with me was a 72 character with full rune and another 65 with full rune and chainmail. I noticed the 65 was autoing, because for over an hour he would not talk, and got most of the guards right away. Slowly, the guards hitting low hits took their toll on him, and he was down to less than half hitpoints.

I took a bow and arrows out of my bank. With the help of the 72, we trapped the autoer inside the gatehouse. I then ranged the northernmost guard while I was standing in the wilderness. The guard obviously attacked me, and I fisted it for three rounds.

I then ran, and the 72 blocked the guards retreat to the south, so the 72, the guard, and I were all in level 1 wilderness. A noob came along and let the 65 out of the gatehouse. He immediately entered the wilderness and killed the guard I had trapped. I then left clicked on him, and hit 15, 19 dead.

I got his ammy and rune large helmet.

That should be a lesson for those of you who should try to auto in the future!

Man, that sounds hilarious. That should teach that autoer. Id like to see him go to his computer in the morning and find himself dead in Lumbridge. You and your friend had a smart plan, and i know its not possible, but i bet a video of that would be very entertaining. I dont understand autoers, whats the point of getting a guy very good while not even playing. Isnt the game supposed to be about having fun PLAYING the game? Lol, thanks for the laughs.

Autoers are people that think a game is only good if you are the best, so they try and become the best. The only thing is that they can’t handle being laughed at by the people that are stronger and better than them so they auto the stuff. They are also too lazy to do things by themselves.

I have him added, can’t wait til he comes to his computer and I can explain why he is in lumb lol…

lol thats so funn lmfao

Hopefully, Jagex will soon ban all autoers.

they r trying but its hard to get every single person

i tryed autoing 1 time…i got banned and learned my lesson :roll:

i tried it but it didnt work

Umm…do we really need to know if you tried L.O.L. Anyways, good on you Archas. Well done. 'Nuff said.

yer, Aglyzola i dont really care that you dont think people dont want to know about my post, i bet they like mine better than yours

whats an atouer and wat do they do

an autoer is a person tht uses a program to keep them diong something i.e mining fighting

lol thats on classic i presume. classic rox except autoers.mmmif yu cant beet em join em. but i havnt…

autoers ruin runescape

For those who dont know, last October JageX banned 3,000 account. All of these accounts were banned because of macros and autoers… It is a shame that these people have to cheat, and deminish the meaning of the game… Cheating is never winning, it is just cheating…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

Yes, i know, i was one of the people banned, thats how i learned my lesson^^ :roll:

i like rsc more then rs2 but i notice that i play rs2 more then rsc why

AUTOERS!!!if i got to goblin village there are 22 ppl or more i say hey losers or somting like that.no response.i go to falador gaurds…autoers.it seems when i am online i am the only 1 not to auto!!!face it rsc is dead!

so true…


You should of reported him lol. That’s a cool story.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks