I know the risk but here is my idea!Mage rangers!

I have read all the rules for suggestion threads so this might not get locked so soon:
Here is my idea: Mage rangers

There could be a spell that uses fire and air powered tips to do 4- damage( as in 4 or more damage to your opponent than a normal hit from a short bow)
It could be a lvl 60 spell

I know there are poisoned arrows but this may be different in many ways, and can bring some more ideas with it!
Rate the idea: 1/10

:ninja: Winterlord :ninja:

you mean like be able to charge arrows?

i think that is a great idea cause i am a ranging monkey

Well, thnx for the comments! Although, what Lord o’ Penguins said about charging the arrows would prabably better explain my idea…

great idea 10/10 (i never thought of this) i like 2 range but stuipid f2p arrows dont hit high enouf so i always mage…

Yes I know i just found out that the max hit for anyone ranging is a 19 with magic bow and rune arrows, and people can do that with 70 str and a pot. Or 70 mage and water wave… but there needs to be a range power-up anyway… see my thread on crossbows for that.

ye would be cool but…whats kingofall said is but not true…range shoots thats with shortbvow on rapid and they can hit higher i thought.they shoot that very faast.and some warrior dude hits a 25 with d baxe on the same range lv but str.but is almost 2x as slow …i know i suck

Max hit with a bow 19? BS! I’ve been hit for a 25, 20 in a duel with the magic short special…some guy with like 85 or 90 range

Yea, I like the idea and they should also make sumthin like a ranger drink, like the wizard mind bomb or str pots.

they do… its a ranger potion.

But sounds like a good idea!

Thnx for all your comments! :yes:

I’ll rate it 10/10, it’s a great idea, but isn’t there already a special move for that?

No actually I dont think there is! Only poisoned, fast short bows, and better tipped arrows…

that sounds ok, i can understand that.

dude hes talking about no special…