I like this sig loads. Rate /10. P.S. it's not grunge lol.

In my sig. I’ll post it here anyway;

I was experimenting with photoshop and that’s what I ended up with;

P.S. I like the light now alias, it was lens flare you used on yours?

I don’t like it. Its not proportioned. The left side is good.

Text is decent, but not great.

I love it. The effect on the left is awesome 2 me.

Sorry to always be the one that disagrees with MageKill. :slight_smile:
I personally think it is really good for starters. I loved the filter effects you had in there, perhaps a few more would’ve been really good. Loving the text choice. If you wish to add a lensflare, be sure to erase the border circle if you are not using 105 or 135 prime. (The last or second to the last one)
A few more effects and it would’ve been a superb signature. You have talent Arc.

Thanks phoenix!

Looks real classic, nice job!
Arc, I wsh I got a sig from you!
You got some pontentional.

I was going to make you one, BUT my friends over ATM.

I love it :slight_smile: (No pixel font ;);)) But yeah, i like the abstract effect you got there.

weee I got a good rate from frenchy!

Frenchy you’re gift is coming after Nestor’s :). then probably magekill or digit, i’ve yet to decide.

It looks very well done, I just dont like the blue much. It contrasts too much with the red, I think.
sickmate 8)

hmm I actually don’t like the red lol.

Oh and sickmate you’re going to get a gift sometime soon :P.

I loooooove it!! 8.99999*!

You coulda made it betta by making the blue side, you have GOT to tell me that effect!

they’re actually multiple effects.