i lost 170k in items!

i wanted to die to go to lumbridge. so i tryed to die. but i didnt put everything i had in bank . so this is wat i lost:

blue beret
granite sheild
cyan boots
fremmy cape
ammy of magic

btw i died from a weirwolf

You wanted to die but you didn’t bank your items??? It seems a little careless.


Mmm… Sorry to hear about that burgular, but you should have been mroe careful to see if you banked your items first before “commiting suicide” lol


Yeah…I think I should have quoted sickmate before posting that, oh well.

Lol dont feel sorry for him. He stupid for not putting the stuff in the bank.

Dang, Next time look a bit more carefully then.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

DUUUUUUUUUUUUH wat a noob wanted to die but didnt put stuff in bank??? Wow that makes me want to throw my head back and laugh BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

wow that was stupid.

rofl…thas pretty stupid…but funny at the same time =D

lol thats not anything to fell sry for burglar just retarted to do that i dont know wat hes thinking… no offense burglar but that was kinda stupid on ur part and wouldnt u notice if u had a blue berret on? lol

i got some questions…and im not trying to be mean, just courious…

  1. y were u trying to die?
  2. how did u not notice a blue beret, granite sheild, cyan boots, fremmy cape
    and ammy of magic with u??

lol dude so many ppl flaming on this topic…but yea i guess u deserve it.

Hahah Newb Y Didnt U Just Teleport There

lol yea hes got a point…u coulda just teleported.

Lol thats ur fault mate , unlucky

Yea Also Chaos Can U Call Me Or Get On Plz(see I Didnt Say Ur Name)

o yea and Killbill (i didnt use ur name either…) i Private Messages u

ohhh al right so yea dont use my name i dont like my name on this they could touch me and the guy in the black car and he ll ask use if we want candy muhahahahah rember chaosnoob

wow… brilliant idea. or u could have telled to lumby