i love barrows so much (this is why)

wow. nice job. i wish i was that lucky.

gawd you rich ppl saukz…

Did you get all that from 1 barrows trip? Sheesh thats alot!

nice man. I forgot what kind of armor is that but i now its kewlz lol. :slight_smile:

well since you have a spare set… nah just jking

nice! i wish i was that lucky

i think it’s guthan
isn’t the guthan armor “the low health high hits armor”?

guthan effect is that you heal the damage that you do. like if i hit a 21 i’ll heal 21 damage. but it doesn’t work all the time. but pretty often :slight_smile:

NICE!!! You are so lucky!!

guthan is like the best combat barrows :stuck_out_tongue:

lol guthan ant the best…even torag owns it…but how long it tae u to get all that?

i wouldn’t say guthan is the best, it’s the best for training is all. dharok is good too if you pray at ape atoll

wow, u had luck finding those lol.good luck finding more =)

Congratz on the barrow items.

man ur lucky

Well good for you!

I M Raping Mi Child As I Speak!!!11111111111

whoa wtf that’s scary

Nice stuff, what do you bring to barrows?

nice! (u gotta admit thats some lucky…stuff)