i love u

i love u. i really really do.i love u.u know u love me too.i look in ur eyes and u make me want to cry. because ur ugly and ur better than ice cream. thank u thank u



Well, first off your gonna get banned cause of the name you picked.

Second, that poems stinks.

Lol, wtf? and yeah that name is gonna get you banned, and wrong forum and that poems just scary…

ya ok im scared now. lol ya u will get banned…for the name…

He has been banned people lol… And I don’t know what that poem was supposed to mean… Also isn’t there like a way to restrict people from making names with swears in them?


What the Heck? Look at his username…

i kno really…it wouldnt let u even type “fuc” in runescape and u can type this in ur username? that weird

if someone knows a mod get them to permantally ban that guy

EDIT:oh he is banned, didnt see that

First, u should be banned.
Second, the poem sucks like *****.

lmao he got banned pretty quickly…O well good for him, deserved it.

Heck, he should be ip banned.

He will be…And thats not a poem, its off of www.funnyjunk.com .

lol yea his poem sucked ass too…

lol its a song/poem on funny junk and other sites that ppl who have too much extra time on there hands go to

Lol, love your poem ;p You deserved to be banned! Woot! Evil people these days…

he only got banned becus of his name…thats the sad part. cus his poem was very touching…sniff yea right. lol sry but it was stupid.

**** you too.