i made a buddy is it gud?

ma first try?

them are pretty good im going to get started on trying to make some where do u go? or what program do you got?

Don’t double post please.

The second one is better, except the p-hat color doesn’t really match with the armor color.

how do u make buddys?

yea really how do u make buddys

You can use microsoft paint (its easier and recommended). Step 1: Find the buddy kit (I assume you have found it)
Step 2: Save it to your computer
Step 3: Open it up with MS Paint ( I suggest you organize them by armor type, rangers, mages, and other things…makes it easier in the long run)
Step 4: Go to whatever you want to make (for example, a rune set)
Step 5: Go to the left side, there should be an interface of tools. Click on the topmost right one (The select tool, it looks like a dotted line rectangle).
Step 6: Underneath the interface thing should be two options, both look the same except one cube has a white background and the other has a transparent background. Click the transparent one.
Step 7: Select the parts you need (For example, Rune med and rune chain), then use the zoom tool (Two tools under the select tool, it looks like a magnifying glass. Use it for complete accuracy)
Step 8: Continue step 7 until your done.

Ill post pictures eventually, making it easier to make buddies.

Here are all the buddy kits I have found so far.

Buddy Kit 1-

Buddy Kit 2-

Buddy Kit 2.1-

Weopons Kit-

New Decorative Armour Kit-

EDIT: Now once you save it, follow TheHighlyPKableOne’s instructions on the post above this one.

PS- The Weopons Kit is set up for putting the sword & sheild into the original positions in the game. To make your buddy fit that select him with the sheild and no weopon and go to Image,Flip/Rotate, Flip Horizontally, OK. Then, Just copy the weopon and put it onto your buddy, or you can use the weopons on the Buddy Kits and switch where the sheild and sword are.

2nd one looks much cooler but there both pretty good

i like the 1st one… what? why is everyone looking at me… baba loo!

I’m Leaving Now

i have made 1 but i cant get its code how do i do that