I made an ash longbow!

I made this ash bow in about a month:

To make your own bow: find a sapling about 2 inches thick with no warps or wierd bends, split it evenly down the center (with a big chisel/hammer), strip the bark, tie it down, bent for about 3 weeks, shape it with a rasp (a large file) and file it down in the right places untill it bends evenly. Here is the tutorial that I referred to.

No, it doesn’t work that well, and the string isn’t made of flax, but I plan to put more work into a future bow made of Yew or Osage if I find the materials and also make the string myself out of sinew (tendons).

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what dose this have to do with runescape?

lol thats awsome! This should probably be in off topic i think tho…

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Wow! That’s great! I’ve made a bow before but it took me longer to make. What material did you use for the string? I used flax-like material, and it shoots good it’s just not perfectly even up-and-down.

Man I love it. I wish I had the materials to make one.

gratz! your now a level 30 fletcher! lol :slight_smile:

:wink: gratz ftw :slight_smile: :cool::cutie::rotfl::cutie::cool::melodrama

its cool ill make one lol

im gonna try and make one. that growing tree looks pretty small in my backyard…

sweet how well does it work man can you really fire arrows with it and do they go pretty far?

I make a mini bow in like an hour (camping)


The string I took from my dad’s garage and yes it shoots arrows. Just not nearly as well as my little brother’s fiber-glass “lil’ sioux.” Like I said though I plan to put more time into another one with a better wood. I will also make the string myself.

Thanks for the compliments!

hmmm…this would be hard to shoot considering there isn’t really anywhere to lock the arrow in so you can aim easier without the arrow falling out of your hand all of the time.

Ranged level?

^^ haha nice one
nice bow though

i hope u gain a fletching lvl on ur next bow

alch it

Ranged lvl 40 exactly. I made this bow out of my woodcutting and fletching lvls; wcing: 77, fletching: 52.

A good bowman doesn’t need anything to rest the arrow on. Do an image search for “indian bow”; they never used them. I don’t have trouble without it either- the quality of the shoot just reflects the time I spent on it (most was just spent waiting for the initial bent).

Lol, nice bow, good fletching aswell :slight_smile: Wish i could make a bow and then own them birds! Lol, jk


Cool, get some nice stuff to shoot it with and it`ll be nice.