I must take a poop

By the time I return, I wil probably be banned…fare the well…I shall return saturday.

um your a dumb spammer…and uh…you smell like poop and get out?

OMG STOP SPAMMING THIS FORUM! Geez seriously do u have a life you’ve made like 4 different topics of spam!

Can’t You Plz Shut Up???

its probably someone from rsr…thats really hates us or something.

In a few mins he’ll prolly be banned, just wait…

not bazznored yert, i am from ragnarok online iro.ragnarokonline.com

in english it means…spam!

and i guessed ragnarok banned you to? no surprise there…

no one cares about you so go back to playing ragnorak stupid.

Were all spamming by posting on this topic…


i am sent from teh year 2015 from rangarok to destroy your forums with their monsters of bl;lpody dpeni

and im sent to make fun of idiots like you who cant spell and are probably 6 years old

he’s just a stupid spammer…

Stupid idiot! stop spamming our forum!! duke should IP ban u

I hope not.