i ne 1 gona bid for my rune woodcuting axe?

if you want to bid go to www.runescapeeauctions.com plz bid for it its a good wep and a good woodcuting axe!!! 8)

the site isn’t working for me…

there is a link at the if you keep going down its on the left

I bid 20k.

u got to bid on www.runeauctions.com if u keep going down u can find the site 8)

is ne 1 gona bid for it yet? :cry:

1, The rune woocutting axe is incredibly un-rare and fairly inexpensive.

2, you have made about 5 topics of this same thing so far, if you make a single more about the woodcutting axes i will lock it and warn you, however i will let this one be…for now

ooo im so scared lol 8)

Wanna try that again, I even so much as catch a wiff of sarcasm or anything insulting from your mouth you will be warned faster than you can say “im a dirty monkey” and ill take it up with duke becasue you are advertising a site, if you do any more of it he may even ip ban you, so watch urself buddy…

hahahahahahah :lol: there are more sites like this :? so if jonny likes to open some topics on the same name why wouldnt he? he mayb poor and want to sell his rune axe whats wrong with it?

yer i am prity poor thats why im selling it

-.- dont you turn me to be the bad guy, i was explaining why you werent getting many hits on the auction, and that you hadve made not2, not 3, but 5 topics on this, all advertising the website…

Wow, you’re handling this nicely Dedmenwalkn. Better than I would have handled it.

the rune woodcuting axe is no longer for sale.

Item Sold topic…