i need 50 perm ess sellers

ill buy under all ess but im only taking 50 permanate employees give me your rs name

under 500 at a time=20 each
500-3k at a time=25 each
3k and above=27 each

still trying to figure out how to make sigs

ess = 30-45 ea not 27ea

actually it’s 25-50

silvdragn your wrong they are 30-40 ea

members buy for 30gp each
free playrs buy for 20gp each
members buy more because they craft it into nats and sell for 200gp each so they 270gp profit for each one

just sell me ess

Ill sell, not permanently for 30ea, and Lokevin members sell natures for 300ea.

addstm if it’s not 25-50 then its 30-50 look on rune hq

and cyber ill buy 30 depends on how much you got