i need a fauking clan 2 go in (no noobs)

ne1 got a free space in there clan im lev 61 and board!!! contact me im in world 18 all the time and my name is iamstraight0 (bit of a knobby name but oh well) !!! add me :lol:

Join Heroic Legends! We already have 7 members and our first celebration event (Rubber Chickne War) will be held soon!

Along with your combat level, if you have a skill above fifty, please register and apply at Heroic-Legends.cjb.net

i lost my chikin lol but wats ur name in runescape

how the hell do i get pictures below my name on runescape?! 8O :o

My RuneScape name is Azgolar. It is much easier if you post your request on our forums: Click here.

k im on ur website but where do i join and do i haft 2 pay

k iv joined r u gonna e-mail me at all?

I am also level 61 Combat looking for a clan! PM Me in game!

The Imperial Legions will gladly welcome u i am a lvl 71 u can find in world 8 my clan ranges from lvl 45-lvl 83 any one can offer ally to the clan( if u are the leader of another clan) lone warrios accepted are members and leader will be called allies

Its a bit offensive for the noobs because you said ( no noobs ) But I suggest you join our Clan ’ Warriors of the Saradomin ’ You need to be Combat 60 +