i need a job

i need a job that pays good money. ill do basicly anything that i am able to do. here are my skills.

attack 53, strength and defense 44, ranging 40, prayer 33, magic 36, runecrafting 27, agility 15, herblore 1, theiving 27 crafting 23, fleching 35, slayer 27, mining 34, smithing 25, fishing 44, cooking 46, firemaking 40, woodcutting 67, hit points 48

pm me if u have a job. my runescape name is r0bby310

u could get me raw lobs

what is ur combat?ill pay u for killin rok golems/tree spirits and picking up drops giv drops i will pay according to valur 8)

i will hire you to collect cow hides- 20gp per hides get as many as you can!!! ad me on rs: ragenfury

I shall pay you to mine me lots of every ore, i pay 5mil a week, or full zammy, guthix or sara every 5 days.

and for members full dragon every 2 weeks

i already have 120 workers, who are all getting that type of wage, i need 5 more

if you want to get a job like this contact dh246