I need a little help...!

I have played for some months now, and I played earlier too, but I was bored and took a break.

I remember there is/was a armorer in varrock that can change your skirt or a leg or visa versa. (I don’t think it was Horvik, and I can’t remember if it was on runescape classic or the new one)

Do anyone know the answer of this question?

what r u talking about?

An armourer that can change your legs to a skirt or skirt to legs.

Yeah, I think that was on RuneScape Classic…They don’t have him or her anymore.

Oh…rsc…well i havent played it be4,so guess there no 1 who owns an armourer shop that changes legs 2 skirt and vice versa,but there a shop who sells armour

lmao what do you mean?

it means that in varrock there isnt any shop the changes ur legs 2 skirts or vise versa.
get it? lol

hehe… sorry for confusing some of you, but thanks for answering my question!

sorry but thats onyl in runescape classic