i need a new avartar

all my avatars i ahvev had r boring. i am offering 5k to the person who makes the the best avatar

Heres one

master attacker that is cheating that is jolio’s avatar

what i do to get a avatar is i look up pictures for like say wolf rain, (like my pic of kiba) i like wolf rain…if u dont know what worl rain is its anime, just tell me what u like and maybe i can find u a good pic.

What kind of avatar would you like ?

First you take Sportfreaks avatar and now Joilojolio?
What is it with u?

weli said who every “makes” me the best avatar. i just want a new avatar made by someone on RSR

well i guess that counts me out i dont know how to make avatars have fun everyone else with this challenge, i tried one time turned out like crap,seriously!!lol, maybe i will just go switch my avatar see yalls later

easy chick. go onto google images type in the image you want, click on the one you want. then lick on see full iszed image. then write down the site address then type it intto the personal avitar.

well that what i do to get avatar but the dude said"make" them so i just figured that he meant like “make them” u know like my friend can make banners or what eva he does with this program so thats what i thought he meant,well i guess i will try and get some

Heres another one and sorry for using Jolios avatar its just too cool

his compition ends oin 2 days and master attacker i need the img links for them

im pretty sure people arent gunna run off and take the effort to make you a avatar for “5k” lol, i can make 5k in about 30 seconds. lol

here i made this 1. it might be a bit big but i can resize it for u

I also have this 1 here

well there r sum ppl who can’t make 5k in 30 sum ppl not even a day buy it it is there choice if they wnat to do it or not

do u like my ideas or not?

the carrot banna one is awsome. it is winning. maybe u could make one with runescape items. or how i own ppl on the pure account

yah!!! its cool huh!

did u read my suggestions?

I didn’t make it so u can’t pay me for it. its free