i need a signature

can some1 plz hlp me i need a good mage signature with mostly dark colors
if u make one for me i’d apretiate it

Hmm, you’ll probably have better luck in the Image Market ;). Post there the next time you request something.

I could, but I don’t have the time :frown:.

I guess i could make one for you…but im not sure what you really want…fill out this form to make things more clear!

Sub-Text (Optional):

oo i can make you one just tell me what you need on here
subtext (optional):
price your paying:

u guys can decide most all my specifications are that is i wan it to have a pic of a mage and dark colors decidde the rest :slight_smile:

i also want it to have my name in a legible cool text ty :slight_smile:

there u go just tell me if u want to donate something :smiley:



change the “n” at the end to “m” so it says “img” not ing

u know arch theres a easyer way
just do this


hey archerkill30 i really like that sig. but the only thing i want u to change is the blue border could u maybe make it like green or black

sry for the constructive critisism but could u also make hi, have no beard :slight_smile:

Yes i will after but right now im on my other computer caz my bros on the good 1 and this 1 isent good enough to install photoshop

I might have one for sale in my shop… check it out… :slight_smile:

Ya nvm im not going to change it because im not getting payed sorry.