i need advice on where to train for str!

ok i am lvl 81 combat and i need 70 str (i have 69) where should i train my str up at? i have been told that the experiments are the best place to train at but i am not sure and i dont want to play pest control all the time (gets boring after a while since i stayed there for the past few days) and i have 70 atk and 61 def so where should i train at? ok i just lvled last night and i am now lvl 69 str i have 1 more to go and less then 50k exp left to get i still need help !! finding good places to train

green dragons or rock crabs. or tzhaar kets

i dont want to have to worry about pkers tho lol rock crabs i could do and i could do the tzhaar kets

Fire giants, good drop and agressive so that makes it a tough challenge which is good. Good luck.

I suggest Fire Giants or wolfmen/ women in Canafis
BTW, who’s is that bank in your sig? I reckon it’s fake =S


thanks i can try those and the bank was some friend of mine’s friend