I Need An Avatar Made For Another Game

I ask you all to plz help me out here. and i ask that if i die on that game that i keep the same pic but hasve someone chang the name. same style, same size, just different name. so, here are the dimension i need you to make the profile pic.

  • its Approx 120 x 150 but it will automaticlly make it smaller if the pic is too big (too a certain extent)

  • want i need the pic to look like is a gangster or gunman with my name on it. i know you guys are capable of making it look real good.

i thank you all in advance. and if there is no way this job can be for free, let me know.

i make free stuff…ill do but this should be in imagemarket…:smiley:

here is a version…if ya want better…ill make v 2…but im happy wit text and render wit v 1


here hope u like it

wow u guys rock on for graphix:D :smiley:

really nice work

could you do one of “Smith” (my current avatar) for me?

full body with the gun and shoulder holster?

i’ll pay 20k for the nicest one

Mm… I’ll work on one…

meh its a shame i rock on PS…my trial is up this sunday and i <3 photoshop

you got some compitistion bro, go to http://www.runescaperealm.com/forums/showthread.php?p=929032#post929032