i need free stuff

my name is 1ronaldo1

i relly need rune (g) and money plz!!!

stfu n00b

No begging\asking for free items.Switch it to donate, I would probably donate.

here is my speech about this… :roll:

Why do you ask for free stuff? Use your stats to get money, or find a good way of killing monsters, collecting there items, and selling them. If your stats are low, train them up and make money that way. Get your mining to 30, and sell coal for 100-150 gp each. Do the rune mysteries quest, and sell the rune ess for 20 gp each. These are good ways of making money, anyways, if you want something really bad(like rune (g) in your situation) you need to work hard. What is the fun of getting everything free and taking away the feeling when you accomplish getting full rune (g)? And asking people in game wont do you any better…

I really need to start copying and pasting this speech, lol j/k

Asking for a donation is the same as begging.

You will never get through the game begging. :wink:

I have one thing to say…LAZY! :x .It makes me soooo mad that pepole dont get off there lazy butt and work for the stuff themselves.

No one in their right mind would give you that.

Hey, N1ghtshade0 why don’t you just paste it in you r sig? lol!

lol its great how noobs ask for stuff they cant use…

but why beg? we worked hard for our rune armor! do they honestly expet us to give it to them for free?

Begging = Lock