I need hacks !! only for experienced hackers

I need a hack in the U.S.A to get past the school blocks please tell me 1 or at least tell me how to get into play thanks -.-

Like everyone else will say,
School is for learning.

yes school is for learning


well i wish it wasnt!

lol are u serious? asking ppl u dont even know from a RuneScape forums site to ‘hack’ into ur school…lmao

Go to the back of the Comp, you will see a cable pull it, now go to Control Panel, open up the Sec. File, delete it, now go play RS. Lol, don’t do that, learn in school :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be like me and play at school. Just play it at home afterschool…But if you really wanna play it at school, I’ve no idea, sorry…Good luck.

lol ur tellin him good luck to hack into his school computers so he can play a computer game…lol nice.

Yeah I would not suggest doing that my friend got caught and he had so many detentions…

schools forlearning buddy if u have to play rune at school thats pathetic

school is for acdemic education so go learn sumthing!

I know how to bypass school filters, but I’m not telling you. By the way you phrased your first message, I can tell that your IQ is a negative value, and that you do not posess the intelligence to follow the instructions to disable the filter.
Please, do us all a favour and learn something at school.

lol negative IQ…nice
yea but i think thats kinda sad asking for hackers to hack into ur school so u can play RS…pfft

rofl…thas mean he doesnt sound dumb…just addicted far beyond most other people…dont play in school dude…its not that great…and ppl will think ur a nerd…

lol yea supers got a point…if ur really that desperate. to hack into ur school to play a cpu game…possibly ur an addict.

Hey! Playing at school is NOT cool. I mean, do you go to school just to long to play RuneScape? I think not. Oh, everyone apart from you, lynx13.

He should seek professional help.

hahaha, dont bother it’s not worth it.

the school either has filer on their LAN (like an acad server) or something like java is disabled with restrictions on user privileges to re-enable it.

It really isn’t worth the time to figure out how to get around security.

Yep, school is for learning and by the looks of it, this guy needs to learn.

wow…he is addict all right

Ooh, sorry I didn’t phrase it right. I meant to say, “Good luck getting the school to take the ban off RuneScape.” Wow, what I said sounded really strange…