i need help on stats

i am level 20 deffence and 31 attack, i want level 40 on each what sould i do to train really fast?

ty for your coroperation

hmmmmmm i would say train on scorpions or something lower level type

what lvl r ya?
if u tell me ill see if i can help…

If you get your defence up a little giants might be an option. Scorpions would be a good place to start I think. Possibly something a little higher.

whats your strenght lvl? i think the bestfor you would be monks at monastery cause the can heal ya when your hurt and the regenerate health so they dont die fast and you can train continuously without looking for another to kill

Only problem with monks is that there aren’t that many since your leel is proberly much higher than them as you will be killing them pretty fast.

ii have been training on scorps but i havent been getting up ?? why is that
ps: my streinght is 22
my combat is 31 lol

i ahve just rose a level thank you for your help ps i know this is crazy…but will any1 let me barrow a mith pl8 body and addy scimitar
plzplzplzplzplzplz :lol:

and i promise i will give it back if i dont you can report me and i will replace it all i just dont have money right now plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz