i need magas for my clan

my clan is the followers of the black knight www.wisquicks.com/black_knights.htm that is our web site. it is still under construction. we have about 20 ppl in our clan. we need magic people and archer

im a decent mage but im low on runes i need chaos or cash to help me get some + :smiley: :smiley: what lvl are u guys?

id like to join clan i cna mage(48mage i plan 2 get higher) i can range(53 range) and i can melee (69 attack 64 stregnth and 54 hits pm on runesacape (my user name is um name) if your interested in letting me join(im also 64combat)

go to site

i have a clan but we make friends with other clans. mine is the black sharks and i was woundering if we could be allies

ok that would be great well get details in game ok my username is bigaron175

I am in a clan right now also called rancid knights…i just got 60 mage for arena but i am a ranger. What all everyones stats? i need to know that way i can think about being allies.

this should be moved to clans…

Rafael i wont put it against you because it took me so long to realize he wasnt hiring (paying) the people for it, but next time please abide by rule #18


ok talk to me in the game and was bei breaking a rule before mod guy

i would consider joining
i am a mage/warrior mix

stats attached

what lev mage, or rnage?

any really i juast need ppl so go to the site and sign up for the clan