I need MAJOR help with runescape

Ok, Here is what happenned.

I was playing Runescape 2 days ago, perfectly, no lag at all, and suddenly, a lightning strike came and shut the power off, while I was playing Runescape.

Since then, My internet has been very laggy, and when I say very, I mean it.
For example, it took 29 minutes , WITH T1!!! to get into this post and start typing.

My Runescape problem is this, I can load everything, but Links are not working. I can click play game, and then high detail, but when i select a world, it will say " page unavailable ". I know Runescape is working, as I saw 100,000 people playing just a mnute ago.

Google works, and My internet is going fast for 3 seconds, then slow for 1 hour.

Does anyone have a solution to my problem? I just want to play runescape, and IM thinking of going back to AOL. =

Please help me

no idea…id say ur Internet is down but if what u said and everything else is working then i have no idea

by the sound of it there might be something not working inside your modem. have you had someone look at it?
just a little advice, have someone look at it.

ur internet is messed up and try playing in low detail it mite help a lil bit.

low detail stinks. get your comp checked and if anything isnt wrong with it. then just go through low detail…

when my computer lags really bad disconnect all ur powercords going to your computer also take the phone line out of your computer. go to sleep after you do this so do this before you go to bed. then reconnect it all when you wake up it always works for me.

i had a problem that the internet program (safari) quited when i select world and then it was just a update on the computer or you can try using another browser like opera, netscape or something like that

lol my computer is allways like that…id say if it has safe mode try that or ry system recovery…i personally use safe mode, because its faster to get on to and very easy to play the game, although in safe mode you cant hear any sound so its like playing low detail anyway

whoa, unlucky dude!

high detail usually makes it slower but low maybe faster but i dunno wat happen to your internet

Well ur quite unlucky,i may not be that good in comps, but here goes nothing.
Maybe this might help a bit:-

Step 1 The first time when u play Rune Scape, it will download all the codes and sounds and effects and this and that and automaticly ( I think ) goes into ur drive C:( Hard disk drive) and the file is called “.file_store_32” (some thing like that).

Step 2 Delete that file,then go 2 recycle bin and delete it again.

Step 3 Go 2 Disk Deefragmenter(located in Start/program/accessories/system tools, and defrag the hard disk drive(that will take quite long if u got a lot of file store in ur drive C: ).

Step 4 After the defragment is done,dont play Rune Scape for about 1 to 3 days.

Step 5 After the days has pass, go to ur comp pray 2 god,then start playing Rune Scape.

Step unknow If all the Steps i gave u doesnt work,i’m very very very sorry putting u all thought the steps and wasting ur time.

I am a NOOB,
over and (GET) out (of my HOUSE).

when my internet acts up, i just shut off the modem and wait for 30 min…it should work after you do that…if not, call the company

ya your internet went down

wonder y no replies from “chaze”?