I need mining advice!!!

:evil: Im havin trouble gettin my mining lvl up i need suggestions in a non member place on where to get my mining lvl up plz help me out

south of fally

Easiest and most beneficial place I know of is the mines southeast of varrock. I mine iron there, then bank at Varrock east bank. It’s not too far to bank, and there aren’t usually people there above level 30 or so mining, so if you have a higher level, it doesn’t take long to get a full load.
At least that’s what I do :slight_smile:

I’ve also heard that if you have a REALLY good friend, you can continue to mine while they run the ores back to the bank for ya… I’d say it would be a good deal if you gave the runner like 1/4 or 1/2 of the ores. Just a thought.

go to the dwarven mines if you can handle a level 14-32 scorp then you can go deeper if not stay in the other parts… there are level 10 dwarves in there inwich you can fight they drop bronze bars, iron bars, some gp low ammount, nature and chaos runes. they can be rewarding only if your a low level smither but go into the mines near white wolf mountain and your sure to be able to find rocks of all type exceptions of blurite and rune… blurite is located in the southern part of the world near the incando smither and rune is located in 45 wildy near the members gates!

if u get 60 mining mining guild

I would just say go to alkharid. Mostly because its close to the bank and there is not a shortage of rocks

Al karid is a good mining place, but if you’re in it for iron, south east varrock is still the best and closest to a bank. :slight_smile: