I Need money please help!!!!

If anyone here would be willing to give money i would appreciate it. I need anything that anyone will give for free thanks!:slight_smile:

I can give you this… it’s advice… so listen. “Level your skills and use them to get money. Beggers never live long but die in the minds of those who are weak. And are not known by those who aren’t.”


lol, only mods and heros that need money get em, not starting begging noobs :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

use skills man… seriously man! raise skills then ull be swimming in money man…

tips if ur a f2p then go pkin with some1 u can trust

I need free gp too plz.
Anyone who has free stuff plx giv to us peopls who catn spel …plzplzplz

I need free money…wah wah wah…blah blah blah…beggers get no where

This is really isn’t the place to ask for money, but if you need help with something i’m sure members here to will help you :smiley:

Charity isnt my strong point…

Ok people you can stop flaming him anytime.

y wud we giv a strange person money lol unless u have a gd reason

:tired: :grumpy: wait a second… isnt this the same person who was saying he could level up our accounts to all level 99 stats…?

EDIT: Here is my proof lmao… just read through his previous posts… He (or she) should have been banned 3 days ago, looks like one of the mods couldn’t ban him -.-:tired: :grumpy:

no,no,no i will flame him until there is nothing to be flamed and then jump on that spit on it and flame it again!!!:gnasher:



^^ proof that this n33b scams pl0x… :slight_smile:

Begging is against the GamerzRealm Rules. Reported to a Moderator.

this person was also trying to password scam a few days ago, they should have been banned then, but I guess that mod couldn’t manage it :frowning:

Don’t worry guys, something will happen to him, I sent a private message to a Moderator.

no offence but this is what u call a noobtard…

why wasnt this guy banned wen he tried to scam everyone like 5 times? i can look bak and c about 5 locked thread with him asking for ppls account and stuff. mod! sick em boy!