I need your help.. What Should I Get Up Next?

You should get up attack or smithing.


or rangin

definetely attack cuz in your sig it says you are buying a rune hally but you cant even use it!!

You should raise your attack to at least 60, and then raise your defense to 60.

Sheepslayer, stop double posting. Double posting is against forum rules.

What are you taking about, his attack is 50.

Rune Hally dont u need 40 attack to use it?

I don’t feel like getting up my attack until i get 77 strength

Anything else?

You need to get up 1 more prayer level then you can use protect from melee.

runecrafting, herblore, smithing, or fishing

atttack :!: :!: :!:

Istn’t this in the wrong forum, infiltrator?
and I suggest smithing.

Screenshot… i thought a screenshot would go in screenshots :slight_smile:

No jezza, this topic is fine where it is. 619mage619 included a screenshot of his stats along with his post.

oh! and also firemaking, it gives easy experience, and easily adds to your total level!

Ok its half half but when i first looked it had no pic.
But nice stats.

Thank you

Moderator and wanna be moderator :lol:

I think i might go kill moss giants and get big bones

I’d recommend working on your mining and smithing.