i never knew death was for dinner

i teled in there and nxt thing i know is seeing a big red ball coming at me, i was still alive but the heat killed me =( :wink:

well every 1 that got killd by KBD knows “death is a dish best surved burnt” lol

lol i like that saying :lol:


lol funny stuff

lolz u shouldnt take it on by urself…

Well it’s fine if you take it by yourself at the corner where he can’t get you if you range or use a halberd. If your using ranged, don’t do that until level 70 range because it’s very hard to hit. And also, bring addy or rune arrows. If your using a halberd get a dragon one. You won’t hit alot with other types of halberds. If you use a halberd bring a few super streanth potions. If you use range bring a range potion. If your using melee bring alot of sharks and some runes to teleport to varrock, lumbridge,camelot,falador or other places. :smiley: