I noticed something

I was lookin at the stats screen and i thought about something. If the farming skill is going to go under WC where will carpenting go? theyre either gonna make the stats smaller(as if they werent small enough) or there gonna make the side screen bigger. possibly increasing inventory

make the stats screen smaller.i don’t care


Or maybe just a simple scroll bar?

Make the side screen bigger, then we could have morem inverntory =d.

scroll bar im thinkin 99% surely…its bound to happen…odd thinkin might be hard for screen shot to show your stats :slight_smile:

As if they would ever add more inventory space.

i KNOW there is going to be a scroll bar. its obvious. look at the magic thing, or the emotes.
sickmate 8)

They will add a scroll, duh!

yea but it wouldnt seem right to have a scroll bar on stats…i can understand on magic cuz its like a spellbook. Also, they only have like one more line there wouldnt be much sense in engineering a scroll bar for one line, would there?

yea if theres a scroll then u can expect even more Skills to fill up the scroll. becus they wouldnt create a scroll to just have one extra skill…i doubt it

thats what im sayin