I own mithril

Wow… Cool… Man… I just got to level 54 smithing… But of course that doesn’t compare nearly to your level of smithing… Level 68 now I believe…

That’s right; level 68. Smithing isn’t easy to level, and would you believe I mined all the ores myself? (75 mining)

Congratulations! I hope to one day be as good as you :slight_smile:

sweetkai, whats your combat?

im 75 mining and 63 smithing lol…ill be able to soon aswell :).

nice dude

Nice man i got 62 or something iam nerlly there.

Nice mining and smithing! (im 50 mining, 40 smithing) Also why do you have an easter egg in you inventory? Thats things worth money, and what if you didnt pay attention and ate it? I found that a little risky, especially when you smithing, going fast, not paying attention…


congrats i hate smithing

congrats i hate smithing

Ya me too… The only reason why I don’t like it anymore cause now it takes like 20k+ exp to level… Oh well… But I like the profit that comes with it… Mining’s also a pain cause it takes 40k+ exp to level but I like it so it all evens out… 62 (8k :stuck_out_tongue: till 63 then probably like 45k to 64 >_<) mining and 54 smithing…

I carry two light-weight items in my inventory when smithing, since I usually only smith 25 bars at a time. (5 platebodies) That way I just use “withdraw all” in the bank when I withdraw my bars, and I take out 25 instead of 27, which means I will have to carry less weight.

  1. Combat isn’t my highest priority. I love smithing, but it’s starting to get long between the levels.

sorry off topic but that would be so cool if he ate the easter egg…lol wonder what he’d do…

mine is 12 levals lower


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Wow, that’s a great accomplishment! I agree with you, smithing is hard and long to level up!

Heh, sweetkai nice smithing - 68 and mining-75…really nice levels…look at my signature for my levels…what a coincidence

not bad but the road to rune is tough…and long
im 85 and im taking a break now cuz it took 4ever for me 2 get there

err 1 word and a thing wooooooooooooooooooooooooow nice stuff aswell wooooooooooooooooooooow