i owned a level 94 in duel arena!!!

i owned a level 94 today in duel arena and im only combat level 61, i did a bit of runing around and confusing him but i still beat him fare and square.


congraatulations, nice range level. :smiley:


lol, why did you cross out the guys name?

how do i make the image bigger?

lol i agree with mageh8ter nice ranged lvl

is this the write size?


yeah lol, why did he black out the guys usernamne?

cause its not fare for the guy who lost

haha…not as if he would see htis anyways, btw, 140+ kils… nice

thanks, it didnt take me long, once u go deep into the wild there are lots of level 50 noobs to kill

wow…a bit of topic, but can u post some in the wildy section, i’d really like to see some

sure, i dont really take pics, but ill go and kill some noobs for you later and take the pics

cool, you make pking sound so easy…

post this-


Just did,

Congrats, and the spoils are… telly runes to falador??? WTF?