I owned daverick!!!!

got what he said in my sig

Lol, that’s pretty good catching that.

lol i owned hin in like 4 hits…

Lol! number 3/4 in runescape. I knew a guy who knew daverick…nearly got 10k steel from him lol…

i knew daverick i use to run laws for him, hes cool.

this will be locked. Theres bno famous ppl topics allowed.
ps. ebony/mageh8er sells stuff to daverick.
sickmate 8)

what did you hit… cause with the stats i see in the sig. i kinda could destroy you… so explain :wink:

ever heard of a …FAKE!!!

ebony take that thing about me out of ur sig or i will report you to mods. It is misleading. i like icedearth.
sickmate 8)

lol yeah…Next your gonna right
arcdemons1: Cyclops and Xgod are in love…

I do know daverick and he is a very nice guy. He gives me things often like free smithing and herblore which amounts to some good cash for me. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met in runescape but unfortunately i have to lock this because its a famous player topic.

Lol nice getting that for ur sig…:slight_smile:

Yea, good work :wink: and very funny… :wink:

wow cool, where did you own him?

ITS A FAKE, dunce.

SportFreak, it’s not locked.