I quit

I quit runescape, I might come back on rsr eventually, bye.

^^ umm… im so lost…

sorry to hear you quit :frown:

Congratulations on your first step to the life you once had =]


I feel so sorry for u…

Dont quit yet, just stay for a while longer :slight_smile:
EDIT: to fill anyone in, jeff stole most of his money (5M) and jeff refuses to pay him back.

i dunno anymore x]

Why…? (filler)

just wait a little… trust me in it :wink:

5m bryan, not 4.

At first it was 4.5, then he needed more so he could buy it (no one was selling for what he was looking for) so I gave him 500k more. I have 0 gp left.

omg what a loser. Making u quit so he can have more enjoyment with his damn dragon chain. I hope he lags and loses the chain. watch out for karma Jeff no.

(if u didnt get that i ment jeff no instead of jeff yes)

Sorry to hear you quit, go in wildy with the guy who stole your money and kill him without any pity! lol

I can’t, I have no weapons or armor except for dds, mage bow, and full black d hide…he won’t go into wild with me if I tried.

Well don’t discourage yourself, you can make some money back fast, cut yews or magic logs and you’ll get your cash.

I can’t cut either of those -.-

Now Jeff is making up some lame excuse on the method u lent him the money. He said ur method was to lose a duel to him, and now he says since he won the duel its his…Even though if u traded him and u both accepted, its the same thing. Jeff would choose pixels over friends, thats him.
EDIT: doesnt matter how Zak gave him the money, Jeff just said in 1 of his posts that he “WOULD” pay him back http://img172.imageshack.us/my.php?image=zak26xw.png

i knew that jeff was a piece of SHIT!!!

that really sucks mate…5m loss is a lot but dont quit of because that asshole scammed you…

Well Jeff is special, he prefers to have 5mil cash in a game than have a friend… well that’s stupid.

Well to tell you the truth I don’t blame Jeff yes, because of this this…

Credit to Jeff yes for the pic.

If my “friend” told me this I would be pissed.

Jeff yes is a good friend, I’ve loaned him money before and he had the money back by the next day and I didn’t even have to ask for it.

If you really would like to keep playing post your stats and I can give you ways to make money…

Yeah, guess what, I said that after I knew he scammed me. I don’t give a shit, he deserved it.