I R 2 Hawt for Rs, So I'll post here ;)

I wub my whip and items! Someone died and i got a santa!
Sold and bought stuff…
Training look (Also use reg rune plate for a lot of training):

Hanging out look :wink:

And t3h 1337 skills…


P.S. X pinoyboy X, I will pay back asap.


share pl0xxxxx!!!
(no seriously)
gratz on all

Lol, I feel sorry for you because I look rich :smiley:


nice man!!! phree stoof pl0x? the most ive ever gotten from some1 dieing is 6k chaos runes and zammy kite.

OMG lol WOW, luckii girleh :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a zammy kite from someone afking at rock crabs. An evil chicken came.


blk cav goes better with your hang-out outfit, but meh w.e

nice stoof, and too bad for the person who died ;S

lol… i once had a santa… if anyone believes me :slight_smile:

wow you got lucky picking up that santa
the best i ever picked up was a rune full helm , rune scimmy, and a power ammy :frowning:

Ice, I sold black cav for the zammy plate.


one u get 70 def, sell d med and try to get veracs pl8. or t pl8 without selling med.

I will just get Torags.


nice my cooking ownz j00

kk, ur lucky u got that santa… im soooo jealous i want to buy my fricken whip. im poor =( lmao

Lol give me 500k I helped kill who ever died ( I was the monster,poison, or something that killed him) Nice, you are to HAWT for RS :P.

I’m jealous… :frowning:

Meh want teh stuff! :slight_smile:

Congrats on picking up a Santa Hat, but yet… How’d you get so lucky?!

raise your range!

nice stats and looks =)

I need to get range up. I might save for a cannon.


wow, not every person finds 5m lying around lol, I feel sorry for the guy who lost it.

ahhh you have same outfit as me but I got red mask instead for hanging out fit…and I’m a guy :stuck_out_tongue: