I saw dragon plate legs!!!!!!!!

omg look!!!


is this real?

yes it is, i saw that guy in ardy wearing them, then i asked if i could see them over trade so that i could make a pic, and he let me do it, so there it is

yep, its a BRONZE/STEEL/IRON dragon drop.

i cant see em… :frowning:

that is so awesome! im going fight them later in hopes of getting

Yes it is real!I saw a guy wearing them!

Came out today. Lets all go pack the new dungeon. I WANT THOSE LEGS!
Calanel, you should go back and ask the people around there… I’m sure someone must have one.

Finally full dragon is available. :smiley:

I’d like to see a pic of someone in full dragon:

Med, chain, legs and weapon (I don’t care which…)

Surely there is such a garbed warrior in the dungeon now? 8O

It’ll also be interesting to find out how much those legs are selling for too… :roll:

I checked rs forums and they sell for only around 13 million… I heard there was a glitch before that everyone you killed dropped it.

I still cant see em :frowning: i wanna see em… i bet full dragons gonna sell for 150Mil :lol:

that would have been real nice having like 20 dragon platelegs
unfortuneatly i saw the levels in sum 1’s post cant remember who and i dont think ill stand a chance aginst those dragons lol dam my lv 74

I think that the legs should have spikes on the knee caps, i don’t see one spike on that thing.

you forgot square

Hey calnel all you need is a chain… if you get lucky and get legs :lol:

i dont like they way they looked, but i heard a rumor after the system update just now that they now look better

that’s awesome. unfortunately with my lvl, i’ll be lucky if i can kill a couple of iron drags without getting killed!!! :?

I heard there are already over 1.2m of these legs in circulation and their value is dropping ridiculously fast, 6m last time I checked.

yep, steel dragons drop them lol…crazy…

thats great… im gonna wait a week until i can afford it… lol al i have is 50k