i saw Zezima!!

I saw Zezima!!! 8O!! he even spoke to me!
but he was really weird… he kept tlleporting away then telleporting back…
i think he was trying to confuse people! it’s really suprising… he never once called me noob… even though he was lvl 124… i havepics, somebody tell me how to put them up and i will show you!(no actually Zezima pictures himself, this is becausehe never stood stil unless somebody esle was on top of him!! >_<)i do have pic’s of him talking to me and his name on a options window

I saw Zezima once…about 30 people ran to him and asked him for free stuff so he just ran.

Isn’t Zezima lvl 126?

No. But he will be, once he reaches lvl99 in prayer. :smiley:


I saw him yesteday, whats the big deal about him :confused: WOAH HIS STATS!


I hate how people go on about him. The only thing different about him is that his total lvl is higher. He is not the best though.

its not that big of a deal… i mean sure he is the best, but why be noobish and swarm around him like its an apocolypse or something?

YEah! friggin noobs. never leave us alone. Man they should put a new option in the Report abuse section, “Don’t be a noob” or else they ban you. thats what i think…wouldn’t that be cool?

how about…NO

zezima is just another guy who loves a great game, i would be so pissed if people begged to me about stuff all the time, so how bout just leave em alone?

He aint the best, I am :wink:

i didnt ask him for stuff… i just asked him to kill me so it would say " you have been killed by zezima!" lol… i was just happy i could see him

k, i wasn’t targeting you exactly, i was just saying to all the people that HAVE done that.

I know Zezima as a person and he is relly quite cool (not)
He never talks about runescape ever though 8)

I bet you do know him personally. sarcastic laugh Zezima is a normal person and just wants to play the game. He doesn’t talk that much because then people will be raving that he talked to them. If you do actually see him and talk about things that he would actually like to talk about he will.

You were once a noob too so act the way you would want to be treated.

Taylorboss, what are you talking about? That had nothing to do with what was said.

It’s like zezima is some ‘celebrity’ in rs…loads of people want a ‘piece’ of him… :?

out of courisity does anyone know which stat zezima got to lvl 99 first