I spy an autoflaxer!

He is in world 12 seers picking flax, he follows the same path and I have followed him for about 3 loads.

wow never new there would be an autoflaxer

have you tryed to talk to him or get a word out him?

Yep, I have tried to talk to him along with the other 5 people following him. He doesn’t respond and since he follows the same path, he is most likely an autoer.

hmmmmm i never new there was auto flaxers thats new

Gonna be awesome once he learns he lost 5 bucks when he gets banned :x

You see plenty of Autoflaxers just report it to JaGeX. :\

i quit reportign them waste of time they never get banned

Yes but did you know if you report you have the same power as mods when you report?

I had an auto-flaxer once, he was level 3 (as always) and he followed the same path, same place picking flax, the rest of it, and he didn’t even spin it :)…

Then, Sandwhich Lady came, I hoped she would tele him in lvl 55 wildy :), but NO! He answered it, then he started talking…OMG! We had reported him for nothing. I felt like a big wally there.

NOTE: This story is true, but it happened like 5 months ago, so don’t ask for a pic :cheerful:

Another fake? Why isnt there a “Welcome to Runescape.” message? Hmm…

cough hide cough

Well… Just saw that Jagex put a new update into place with the rune essence… Hope the don’t start making different kinds of flax for different levels and what not :-\


o shit! lets make pure flax now!!!

theres autoers for everyfin now they shud make a ban on it

Quite wrong! I rpeorted someoen for calling me fat. They was perm banned


however i did need to appeal 7 times

he was bein racist and kept saYin fauck and Diack

Lol throw a gnomeball at them, its funny cos it screws up their programming or something.

Seen loads of Auto-Flaxers - I just report them.

i know ive heard ppl talkin bout it in wild. spossed to be wicked hard to control tho. taht guy prolly has like 200 trojans :slight_smile:

flax is a good money maker that requires nothing the onlything better that i can think of is law running. so of corse there will be people autoing but what i dont understand is that all autoers are sooooooo dumb why cant the programers be creative??

for people who type really fast there should be a spellcheck, lol
sorry for spaming i will most this to RSR sugestions