I Think Jagex Like's NPC's Better

we have been askin and askin and asking for skeaths and katanas! why does this npc get 1?!?!?!?!?!

thats me in tha back ground =)

Lmao, omg that is cool!
I want a katan! =)
Well…hmmmm I guess they don’t play to pay do they…oh well! =)

lmfao hehehehe

woooow…i have to say i really thing npcs get better stuff…i mean look at the KBD he has his own dungen!!!o and dont get me started on white knights and there castle!

wow is that a forreal npc or person i want that wep he has i have aone in realy life

True That…NCP’s never drop all the items they are wearing when they die~! and look at Queen Kalphite!@# she can double pray!! and has 2 forms!

The reason only he has a katana is because its easier for Jagex to add that to one NPC/person…To introduce a whole new series of weapons would take a lot of time and programming.

And don’t whine and beg why you don’t have something cool. If you want something cool, pay the 5 bucks.

well all i can say is, so what?

i want one :frowning:

wow u guys are weird lol
plus highlypkableone, they are jus jokin around. sure they want a katana but they jus wanna make a few jokes bout y wen u kill somthin they dont drop everythin they are wearing or wielding

10/10 thats awesome but yea we should get em too

Lets hack the NPCs so they all have Attack options. Hehehehe. Then after you kill them you get everything they’re wearing.

LOL LMAO as if… Anyways that’s pretty cool, but it isn’t THAT big of a deal… We’ll just have to be patient and wait for new weapons lol


yea that cool. too bad we dont get em anytime soon…

The NPC gets one cause he comes from japan! Are you from japan? No you were born on tutorial island like the rest of us players.

im p2p i dont get that recogniton!!! HULK SMASH!!!

geez a noob like u wudnt have the maul…ure probh the 1 in back ground…the luminous1

are you seriously stupid enough to think the ghost is him? wow stupidity at its greatest

looks nice, maybe it’ll be a future update…

sweet man they should make katanas f2p and p2p eh?