I think the new rule is stupid...

Heard of the new update? of the pure essence thing? if you haven’t this is the big idea. Since there are so many essence autoers, they split ess into 2 grades; rune ess and pure ess. rune ess can only craft the 6 basic runes while pure ess can craft into all runes. You can only mine pure ess (same place where u mine ess) you need to be a member to mine pure ess and have lvl 30 to always get pure ess as the outcome of mining. If your under lvl 30, you will mine ess and pure ess. I think the rule is very stupid because its gonna affect the market badly… Vote to see if you think the rule is dum,b or not.

i dont really care because people need to find a better way of making money besides mining rune essence. i mean fishing and woodcutting and stuff is way better for making money.

also nature runecrafting. though lots of running, u do manage to get lots of natures in a short period of time. I manage to craft 1k nats within 2 days.

seriously, did any1 noticed rune prices skyrocketed a little? And I still don’t have confirmation if you can get pure ess 100% time when you have 30 mining and in members world.

Yeah u can get pure ess 100% of the time with 30 mining and on members world. You can’t mine pure ess in non members world though. That also solves your problem saying “what if a member wants to mine rune ess?”. Just mine it in non members world.

thats true i agree wif hell raiser

The new update was well intended but with a very bad effect. As a mage and a supporter of free players, I can see how this update has hurt a lot of people.

Mages were already suffering from a lack of runes. Runecrafting didn’t produce what we needed. Being told to just make other runes, sell, and buy or something to effect isn’t a well thought out reason. It’s an excuse to continue letting the class shrink.

Free players have been hated by a good amount of members. I’ve seen the kind of bogus explanations and flaming in the official forums. All of it is just arrogance and garbage.

Neither group of people deserve the effects of this update.

Someone in the official forums provided a good solution. He suggested having a tough quest as a requirement to mine pure essence in a free world. It makes sense because I don’t think most autoers would want on several skills. Let alone have the patience to work out some puzzles.

i hate this update i got 20k rune ess in my bank that turned into pure ess but now once it turns back it’s going to be worthless :mad:

its a good idea i think!

i really dont like it cuz not i have 2k pure and 87k regular

Exactly! This has also hurt people that have been actually mining the ess and saving up. My friend has been spending 2 months and 1 week mining ess. He has 940k ess from all that mining. He was gonna get to 1m ess and sell it all but now that its worthless he is so mad… I mean thats 2 months gone to waste! That sucks so bad, He is also the same friend that gave me a free members account when my main got banned but i have it back now, I asked him if he wanted it back but he told me to keep it. Gee, i feel really bad for him… I’m sure thousands of other people have been saving up now…

I think the update is a good thing, but I’m sure there could’ve been a better soloution that didn’t screw good users over. Just A level requirement would’ve been great. Maybe a magic, combat, runecrafting, or mining level requirement? Even making low levels able to get normal ess still on free world would be fine. Just converting all the ess into junk though isn’t great.

omg I’m to lazzy to read all messages but this dude keeps complaining about this…all you that hate probably are autoers -.-

Man, I feel really bad for your friend. Allowing free to mine pure essence after a quest isn’t going to help people like your friend. Jagex needs to allow the essence to be returned to normal and give people a week to sell before trying another “solution”.

It’s good, for my friend.

He had about 215k normal essence before the update, and then it changed into pure ess, which you can sell for nearly double the price.

is the new idea stupid?
Yes! Its A Good idea!

err…lol should that be No instead of yes? :stuck_out_tongue:

as long as it makes macroing harder its fine