i want to know something about rune platebodies...

has anyone else noticed that some plates have a weird thing stuck in the middle of the front of the plate. it kind of looks like a gem (?).

one of my friends had a white thing on it.

also… whats that thing on the plate of ratchet11’s avatar?

(I’m still a noob)

the things are amulets or necklaces. amulets gets ur stats up and necklases r jus for decorattion.

yeah i know that but he had no ammys on. and what ammy is rachet wearing?
edit: prob a emmy necklace actually. (dumbass)

may be u r refering to gods armor. u have sara, zammy and guthixs. the 1 that ur friend has is guthixs, sara has the shape of a star and zammy… i dont know how to explain, but if it helps it has the shape of an unholy symbol.

yea ur talking about god amours lol i had full zammy but got scmmed from it a few days ago now im flat broke

No, its definately not god armor as (no offence to him) but he definately was not rich enough. We were around level 50’s when I noticed.

And also, it was definately not a power ammy as he didnt get one for ages.

I wish i could get a screenshot but this was like 2 months ago.