I was bored and tired...Just let me be!!!!

What do you people not get about “I was bored” and “let me be” I know it doesnt look good because it took like 4 minutes to make. I’m not striving for greatnes I’m striving not to fail

ummm, its good and all, but the colors are too bright and not rs looking

I like your quote and i think you put it together wonderfully.

I THINK IT SUCKS NUTS but thats just me

you didnt have to say that sieverdinger…it looks like a good little play with whatever program it is made on venom :slight_smile:

Its ok he’s my friend. But you dont even know how to do screen shots so just be quiet

Hey i kno how to do screen shots and (he used paint) :twisted:

Are u talking about me

i dont think so… 8O wow… that hurt my eye’s trying to read it… lol…

btw it looks great for a first time deal soon youll get better just the pictures look a little distorted and if you could take your pictures in grass so you can show them your full body…
:wink: but all in all good job… i like the 2 tone and how its displayed…

7-10 Good effort for a beginer.

it looks ok 6/10 nice for a quick last minute picture

i like it :stuck_out_tongue: but thats my avatar! rofl… i rate…6/10

Yeah… Nice job… 6/10…

Funny venomdragonx.

Can you make more?