i was bored so i made other colored party hats (well only 2)

they are not that good but here they are…orange and grey lol

not bad. 8/10 brother

There pretty good, 8/10 Whwn you feel more confident with Making pics you might want to try putting the shading in instead of having the hats purely the one tone.

Not the brightest of colours and theres no shading, but cool 8/10

Orange 9/10, Grey 6/10.

shoulda made black :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw the rating for both is 6/10 because it only takes that little bucket thing for filling it in

pretty cool
yeah and you should of made more different colors that’d be cool
7/10 8)

pritty good 7/10

10/10 i like em. I don’t like the orange better because i hate bright colors but the grey is pretty kool, good job

actually the “fill with color” tool does not work on pictures like this because of the shading, and i made black but it came out bad because you could not tell the outline was there

nice, now make a black 1 :slight_smile:

lol if you would read my last post you would know that i did make one, but because of the outline being black it looked wierd so i am not going to post it :smiley:

i like em 8/10