I will work as a perm miner for anyone just post here

Post here if you need a perm minner gold and below

It would require joining a clan, but we could use a miner…

What’s your smithing level?

mmm 50 51 cant remember i think it’s 50

ok yeash it’s 50

50, eh?

If you’re interested, we’ll take you on for the clan. See post under “clans” on Army of Darkness for details. We need miners and smithers.

Or if you don’t want to join, we could just stop by and buy stuff when necissary, meaning you would actually get cash payment… 8)

Up to you. Much appreciated.

I would probably rather join since i need to get my smithing up anyways :slight_smile: i shall go check it ou tnow :arrow:

ill pay you 200 to mine gold permabuyer!
price may go up to 250 each gold… ores only though

Ill pay 150 each for coal and iron 50 each if you could do so.