I wonder what fish i will get out of this...

Wow, i wonder what I’ll catch…lol


lol my friend said that happened once and he actually caught something! only a tuna though

You’re not calling me brother? :cry:

whats with the blue squiggly things?

lol funny

hahahaa gotta love ark :slight_smile: kerri’s big invention and all your pie but that is just a lil glitcheypoo :stuck_out_tongue:


oh, robotgangsta, sorry i didn’t know you wanted me to call you brother too, lol i thought you just wanted to call me brother, sorry ill call you brother now

Sweet, it’s ok calenel you don’t have to, lol.

soz but i don’t get it

He blurred his friends that were online. You should do that when you are putting pics on the net. Oh and that’s funny :smiley:

Sweet, it’s ok calenel you don’t have to, lol.[/quote]
nah its ok i sort of like roleplaying or whatever lol

lol, what happedned? whats the point :slight_smile:

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uh i dont get this… wats so funny? all i see is him harpooning and catching a tuna…

i dont understand, wats going on? :? :?:

the whole idea is that he is harpooning through the deck

oh hehe now i see, yeah also peeps somtimes smith throgh walls i find that funny

wtf u think that is funny lol that is so stupid